Posted by: njs44 | December 6, 2009

Advent 2

Not much to contribute this morning. After yesterday’s inspiration my mind is blank. We have lit the second candle on the Advent ring, we have sung our Advent anthems, dinner is in the oven, including an apple-and-blackberry crumble, my speciality, since I found an easy recipe that works every time.

I had an email last evening from a former colleague. I only worked at that school for a couple of terms and didn’t get to know all that many of the staff. The email informed me than Nuala, a lady of about my age, who was especially kind and helpful to me, had been away most of the term having been taken ill with breast cancer. I was very sad forNuala.  She had been a tower of strength to me at a time when I was fairly miserable and often it was only her sympathy and kindness that helped me to get through the day. Above all she made me feel that someone understood my concerns, and that I was not alone. I know she has a loving family who will rally round and support her. She’s now at the top of our prayer-list of people we remember by name when we say Morning Prayer.  I hope to get hold of Nuala’s address and send her a Christmas card.

I wrote most of my Christmas cards yesterday. For the past couple of years my daughter was working for a charity, so we naturally sent their cards. This year she no longer works for them, so we reverted to a former tradition and made our own card, printed on the computer, with all our details on the back. The trouble is I feel guilty just sticking the cards in an envelope without writing anything apart from the recipients names. So underneath the list of our names I write ‘love from Nicky’ and hope that people understand. I wish there was time to write a personal letter to everyone. I feel particularly bad about the Australian friends as I’ve already missed the last day for posting to them as it is. Maybe I will find time to write them a proper letter in the New Year.


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