Posted by: njs44 | December 7, 2009


I’ve just received an email from a friend who lives in Cockermouth. We have been thinking about them ever since the floods, wondering how they are getting on, how life is for those affected, what it must be like to live in a disaster zone. Well, the people of Cumbria are rallying their forces and doing whatever they can to help themselves and each other. It was great to hear on the news this morning that in Workington a pedestrian bridge has been built and was opening this morning for schoolchildren to save them a long detour by road. I was rather excited to learn that the Captain in charge of building the bridge was a woman when she spoke on the Today programme this morning.

Our friend told us about a recording that has been made of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and it can be downloaded for a small donation to the Cumbria flood Appeal. There is a Youtube version as well, and the pictures are skillfully presented alongside the song. ‘Away above the chimneytops’ takes on a whole new meaning in this context. You can find the Youtube video here


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