Posted by: njs44 | December 11, 2009

The value of weakness

For the past two days I have immersed myself in study. Today I read some of Jean Vanier’s Becoming Human and there are two short passages I have to share, because they illustrate how valuable people are, especially in their weakness.

People with intellectual disabilities are so similar, wherever you go. From their place of obvious weakness, they most often respond to love, a love that reveals to them their value, a love that understands. They radiate a certain peace and seem to attract others through their love and trust.

He then goes on to speak of the importance of everyone being open to weakness.

If we deny our weakness and the reality of death, if we want to be powerful and strong always, we deny a part of our being, we live an illusion. To be human is to accept who we are, this mixture of strength and weakness. To be human is to accept and love others just as they are. To be human is to be bonded together, each with our weaknesses and strengths, because we need each other.

I found this quite liberating.


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