Posted by: njs44 | December 18, 2009

Divine Spectacles

A Benedictine monk once told me that it was possible to see God, but only if you are wearing Divine Spectacles. What he meant was that there are small miracles happening all the time but you have to be in the right frame of mind to see them. These are small signs of the presence of God who is actively working in our world, but many people miss them for one reason or another.

Yesterday I had a Divine Spectacles experience and although I will do my best to describe it, you really had to be there to understand what I am talking about. What happened was that I met someone who works with Travellers, helping prepare the children for receiving the Sacraments. She works with them once a week for 10 weeks, and at the end of the session one of the Dads comes in and joins them for a prayer. Afterwards they chat about this and that and the conversation turned to chips and my friend admitted that she didn’t like the chips from Macdonalds because they were too thin. She preferred those lovely thick ones you get from a chip shop.

She thought no more about this conversation, and the following week told the children the story from Matthew’s Gospel about the sheep and the goats and how Jesus said, “when I was hungry you gave me food.” I think she got the children to act out parts of the story as they really enjoy bringing the stories to life. Then Dad arrives and they pray together and after the prayer was over Dad hands her a paper bag. She looks inside and there are the most beautiful thick, extra-thick chips. He remembered what she’d said and brought her a gift, to thank her for her work with his kids.

She turned, delightedly, to the children and said “Look, how your Dad has done exactly what Jesus says we should do!” and the children beamed because the story they had acted out was now a reality. And Dad was proud and the teacher was thrilled and Christ was in their midst.


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