Posted by: njs44 | December 20, 2009

Trains and other problems

I was horrified to learn that 4 Eurostar trains broke down the other day and people were stuck in the tunnel all night. I have always enjoyed travelling by Eurostar but for those poor passengers their journey must have been the stuff of nightmares. Yesterday I met my daughter at Euston and the place was packed with people setting off on their Christmas journeys, laden down with bags, children getting fretful, all the usual fun and games of travel. Luckily her train was on time and we had a few minutes together while I handed over a spare Oyster card, newly purchased return tickets for her to visit her Godparents, and some cash to tide her over. She also handed some of her luggage to me and her sister to take home for her. Yes, Virgin trains had kindly allowed her to travel on her duplicate ticket, even though she did not have the Young Person’s Rail Card to go with it. I had heard of cases where people were thrown off the train for not having the Railcard that went with their tickets, so I was very relieved that she managed to stay on the train for the whole journey.

Today has been very busy as we had a Carol Service to practice for this afternoon and to sing at this evening. After some shaky moments in the rehearsal it all went fine and afterwards over mulled wine and mince pies I learnt that many people who live near us have no gas as there have been problems with the gas main. They have been told they will be without gas for four days. The Red Cross have been here, handing out primus stoves and electric heaters. Neighbours are rallying round and some friends who have been affected by this have been inundated with offers of help. My friend was stoic and upbeat, glad that the failure of her boiler to come on this morning was not a faulty boiler but an outside problem. I marvel, meanwhile, that she can be thankful in such uncomfortable circumstances.


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