Posted by: njs44 | December 21, 2009

Snowbound miracles

I had not intended this blog to contain domestic items, and personal woes. Originally I intended to write lofty comments on matters of moment. I would not, I vowed, resort to detailing the trivia of my life which would not be of the slightest interest to the reader (if there is one). But today events conspired against me so much that I have no time for lofty thoughts. Today caught me unawares and at one point I thought I would never get home in time to keep up my, so far, unbroken record of a daily blog.

Things started reasonably well, as my car started first time and after about 10 minutes I managed to scrape off enough ice and snow to drive to Mass. After that I drove to the Parish where I do some youth work, sorted a few things out for later, and then on to another place where I work to have Christmas lunch. After a pleasant couple of hours there I drove back to the Parish and the young people came and we assembled the Christmas parcels for elderly and housebound parishioners. We did so well that I decided to try to deliver a few of them this afternoon, so that we would not have so many to do tomorrow.

I set off, with three of the young people, by which time it was snowing with those pretty flakes that delude you into thinking that snow is gentle and harmless. After we’d delivered three parcels, we went back to the church, and the traffic was still reasonable, normal early rush-hour stiff. I set off for home at around a quarter to 5. Alas things started to go wrong fairly early on when traffic ground to a halt on a steep hill. I turned round and took a different route along major roads which had been gritted. Then the traffic jams started. At this point I began to wish that I had not delivered the three parcels and had set off home sooner.

The Parish I work in is normally a 20 minute drive from my home. Tonight it took 4 hours. At various stages I spoke to my daughter on the phone. She was also stuck in a traffic jam, as she was driving my husband home from an opthalmic appointment. She is a relatively novice driver and did extremely well not to panic, under the circumstances. Once she was home she gave me comforting advice and looked at maps and suggested routes, and generally made me feel less alone.

At one point I even prayed for  a miracle, as the traffic was so stationary I thought I’d be there all night. It was at this point that I even managed to check my email. What nonsense it is that we have technology that enables us to send emails while in a traffic jam, but cannot cope with a bit of snow. Perhaps the fact that I am now home, and can write this, is a small miracle.

A second miracle is that we still have gas, unlike some of our neighbours. The gas board came and tested the pressure as if it had been too low they would have turned us off as it would have been unsafe. Luckily the pressure passed the test, for the time being at least. As I drove through the village I noticed one restaurant was full, so maybe the local businesses will benefit. I am glad that someone gets to see the silver lining.


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