Posted by: njs44 | December 23, 2009

A remarkable mind

I read this morning that Kim Peek, the man who is credited as having inspired the film Rain Man, has died. I read his biography recently, the one his father Fran Peek wrote, entitled The Real Rain Man. The book is full of anecdotes about the amazing mental powers Kim had, and these are marvellous indeed, but what struck me most was the way Kim inspired people with disabilities. He himself had many failings, if you want to call them that. He needed help from his father to get dressed. He needed supervising on the most mundane tasks. Yet he also had a memory like a computer, and could pull out seemingly random facts from the depths of his mind with the ease of a search engine.

Perhaps a message for me from all this is that no matter how able we are, we can still have disabilities. And, the opposite may also be true, that however disabled we are we can still have abilites.


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