Posted by: njs44 | December 25, 2009

Children in Church

The front page of yesterday’s Guardian had an article about the Church of England bemoaning the lack of children and young people. I am not sure what they expect. A church is not a toy-shop or a Macdonalds, so why should it be full of children? A church is for everyone, so there should be a cross-section of people in its pews. If you look around, there are children, and what is more they sometimes annoyingly make a noise. Sometimes people even complain about the noise children make in church and then wonder why there aren’t enough young people. It is not children who are missing but young people aged 16 to 30. That is the generation who are missing. They come back, once they have their own children, because they want something for their children that they can remember being important. Or maybe they just want to get their kids into church schools.

I was talking to a Nun the other day and asked her if her order was getting any new vocations. Sadly she shook her head. Then she told me of a different order where they still wear habits who recently took on a new recruit. What amazed my friend was that the day she took the habit this novice had pictures of the event on her Facebook site. My friend was bemused by this, unable to understand the ways of the world. Maybe the church needs to keep up with the times. I certainly feel a Christian presence on Facebook is not a bad thing.

A late Christmas card, hand delivered on Christmas Eve contained the following, which links to this theme beautifully. It is from Master Eckhart.

If I were alone in a desert and feeling afraid, I would want a child to be wih me. For then my fear would disappear and I would be made strong. This is what life in itself can do because it is so noble, so full of pleasure and so powerful.


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