Posted by: njs44 | December 26, 2009

Pope Benedict

Like many I have been following the story of the attack on the Pope with interest. As the excitement dies down questions are being asked about the Pope’s security arrangements. No-one would want him to be isolated from the faithful, but neither do we want him to come to any harm. Normal life, as it is for you and me, is never going to be possible for this man, the leader of the Catholic Church, God’s representative on earth. Even so I do not envy him his position of fame, of glory. He wields immense power in some ways, and yet he is extremely vulnerable. He has no control over many aspects of his life, being governed by timetables and arrangements that are made by others. Some people may argue that he ‘signed up’ for this when he took the vow of Obedience as a priest. That is true but in his case it is carried to an extreme which goes much further than for most clergy.

I often think that there is no such thing as total freedom, because we all have responsibilities and duties and obligations. It sometimes seems that the more power we have the less we are free to exercise our own individual choices. Another person who illustrates this is Her Majesty the Queen who is similarly confined by her role and status in society. I think of the ordinary things that I can do, like lingering over the Guardian Christmas crossword or having a long siesta  after Christmas lunch, and I am grateful not to have been born into the Royal family. I would not swap their riches and status for my life, with the freedom to come and go as and when I like.



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