Posted by: njs44 | December 27, 2009


These are tiresome days, when nothing is as it should be. For one thing it is Sunday again, although it feels like we only just had Sunday on Christmas Day. And tomorrow is a Bank Holiday even though I thought we’ve already had our fill of them lately. And, as we didn’t get a newspaper on Saturday,  I’ve bought a Sunday one which doesn’t feel right at all.

I have been trying to teach my 81-year-old father how to use a mouse which has proved more challenging than I ever imagined. Learning new things requires us to let go of old notions sometimes. I am having to let go of the notion that I am a good and patient teacher.

All of which means I am lacking in inspiration. Is it cheating to use someone else’s ideas, or is it the sincerest form of flattery? All I can do is point the reader to an article published in the Guardian nearly a year ago which describes the process of writing so well that I cannot hope to better it.


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