Posted by: njs44 | December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I am not a great fan of New Year Resolutions being made at this time of year. For me the start of the Academic year in September seems a better time for making changes. Then I am fresh from the summer holidays, raring to go and full of enthusiasm. Now I am tired from the daily struggles with the weather, full of the after-effects of overindulgence over Christmas and daunted by the thought of picking up the threads again and getting on with the daily grind. Nevertheless, this year, with the ‘change of big figure’, a new decade and all, I feel I should make the effort. In addition, the very act of making my resolutions public like this might make me more resolved, perhaps? I know that one or two people read this blog, so the fact that they may ask me, some time in mid-January, how I am getting on, could give my determination a boost.

So here goes. My New Year Resolutions, for 2010, in no particular order of importance….

  1. I will take more care of my health. This means eating more fruit and vegetables, getting more exercise and eating less of the things I know are bad for me. The trouble with this plan is that I know I will crave chocolate at about 8pm on 1st January, and I do buy Fairtrade Chocolate, which makes me feel less guilty when I eat it.
  2. I will take more care of the environment. This also links to the bit about more exercise, as if I use my car less I will save some infinitesimably small amount of carbon, or some such. It may be a drop in the ocean, but every little helps. The biggest problem will be the use of energy-saving light bulbs as I find the poor light they give out is so depressing that I have to go and eat some chocolate to cheer myself up, at least in the depths of winter anyway.
  3. I will take more care of my friends. I felt bad, this year more than ever, for not writing messages in my Christmas cards. I felt bad about the friends I hadn’t seen or spoken to for ages. This year somehow I really will try to make up for past negligence.

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