Posted by: njs44 | January 1, 2010


A propos my second new year resolution, to take more care of the environment, I thought I ought to have a look at the 10:10 campaign, in order to glean some suggestions. Just in case you don’t know about this,

10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of British society behind one simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010.

The website can be found here and there have also been articles about it in today’s Guardian, see

Although I am basically in favour of the project, I have issues with some of the suggestions. If I spend around £50 I can obtain low-flow shower heads which would reduce my use of hot water. I am sceptical. In my experience I can have a shower much quicker if the flow is strong and powerful because rinsing does not take so long. So the low-flow shower might end up using just as much water as the fast-flow one I have now.

Then we come back to the troublesome low-energy light bulbs which are so dim that I end up putting on three lights instead of one to make a bright and welcoming space in which to work. I comfort myself with the thought that I have not festooned my house with hundreds of Christmas lights, so I am saving energy that way.

Another suggestion is to move the fridge away from the wall as this can make the fridge more energy efficient. I am not sure we can do that as the fridge is bolted to the wall to stop it tipping over.

I am not trying to be negative, but realistic. At least I don’t intend to fly anywhere in 2010 and as I managed without flying in 2009 this year shouldn’t be any different. And I did walk to the shops today, which is a start.



  1. Well there goes one resolution…. by end of week, you should be over that raft of good intentions! 😉

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