Posted by: njs44 | January 5, 2010

Weather forecasting

Sometimes the snow seems to catch us out and other times we seem to be holding our breath and waiting for it to happen. Last time it snowed hard a journey that normally takes half-an-hour took me 4 hours, so I am keeping a very close eye out for any flakes today.

A friend recommended the met office website and you can while away a fair bit of time exploring the treasures therein. Have a look at for example or, if you particularly like playing with charts, this

I wonder if we have all become softer these days as I do not remember my school ever closing when I was a pupil. Neither do I remember schools closing in the early days of my teaching career. It is only in recent times that schools have had ‘snow days’. It could be that teachers and pupils travel much greater distances and so the difficulties are exacerbated by this factor. It could be the dreaded ‘health and safety’ brigade have made everyone more cautious. It could be that better communications have made cancellation of lessons easier, now that school websites can give up-to-date information. Or maybe, as I said earlier, we are getting softer.

Whatever, I wish a happy snow day tomorrow to whoever is lucky enough to get a lie in and safe journeys to those who have to battle their way through snowdrifts.



  1. Only time my school closed was when the boys’ (outside) toilet was frozen up.

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