Posted by: njs44 | January 6, 2010

Snow day

I set off for the place where I work on Wednesdays around 8.45 this morning. I had previously called and left a message on their answering machine to find out if they were open. I also emailed them, but the only reply was that it was ‘business as usual’ unless someone told me otherwise. There was no chance of driving, because of the steepness of our hill and the lack of grit, so I walked down the hill to the bus stop and waited a surprisingly short time for a bus. Once on the bus I texted a few people, and emailed others, to let them know of my status. Did they care? Probably not, but it gives me pleasure to be able to use these wonderful technologies we have nowadays, so I indulge myself.

Later, about half-way to work, I get a message from the centre to say that they are closed today. I get off the bus, cross the road and wait, again, only a short time, for a bus to take me back home. More texting and emails, and then a visit to the local shops to buy some provisions for the cold weather.

The most hazardous part of the journey came next as streams of schoolchildren, armed with snowballs came towards me. They had apparently been sent home from school and were surprisingly ill-clad for their adventures. I am amazed how little they were wearing. Some only had blazers over their school uniforms. I avoided the snowballs and felt pleased that I had taken with me the walking stick, a telescopic affair with a pointy end, that I bought last summer in the Pyrenees. It gave me confidence on the snowy footpaths and might have come in handy if any of those schoolchildren had taken liberties with me.

I felt quite cheerful as I trudged back up the hill as by using public transport I could tick off two of my three new year resolutions, which is not bad for one morning. Once home I had a good leisurely read of the paper and found one or two stories that warrant further investigation. They may feature in future posts.

As an added bonus, here is the link to the Guardian’s live snowday website which should keep those at home amused for a while. It has, amongst other things, a guide to daytime TV if you are snowed in, travel updates, and a gallery of snow pictures. Enjoy!


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