Posted by: njs44 | January 7, 2010


I am moved to write today’s post by a brief article in today’s Guardian that reported on how Marian Keyes had announced to the world that she was suffering from depression.

I admire Ms Keyes enormously for her courage in speaking out on what some might consider a taboo subject. Whilst we are happy to tell people we have ‘flu or sciatica or any physical ailment, you never hear people saying, when asked ‘how are you?’ that they are suffering from depression. I consider her announcement to be in the same class as when famous people come out as being gay. In fact I think I admire her more than someone who is open about their homosexuality. While homosexuals maintain that their being gay is something quite natural, depression still carries a stigma, it is not something to be proud of, and is not in any sense, ‘natural’, even though it is so common.  We can all understand the idea of a gay pride march. But a ‘proud of my depression’ march? I don’t think so.

Perhaps if more people who suffered from depression were able to be as open about it as Marian Keyes has things would improve for those who are too embarassed to share their condition with others. Worth a look on this subject is the NHS website which has some useful suggestions and supportive information.

But better still go to Marian Keyes own site where there are some beautiful quotes and many supportive comments.


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