Posted by: njs44 | January 11, 2010

Skating on thin ice

I go outside to see how the street is after the overnight snow. Further up the hill a car is attempting, and failing, to get going. I wander up to have a look. A lady is trying to get her small VW front-wheel drive car to move off from a standing start. I realise I know nothing about how to advise her, and even when her two daughters try to push her, she still gets nowhere and ends up reversing back down the hill to park and give up.

A lorry goes past at a stately pace. It seems fine once you are moving, but the problem is that if something comes the other way you might have to stop and then how do you start again? The local secondary school is open again and many parents are driving around these icy streets, with varying degrees of skill and competence. I wish the parents would drop them at the corner, and not attempt the icy side-roads.

There are four alternative routes away from my house, as we live near a crossroads. At the moment someone is having a skip delivered down the hill and uphill is not promising. To the right is the primary school, and therefore a no-go area as the parents are blocking the road. To the left is not an option as it leads to a steep downhill section further along. I decide to stay at home until all the school traffic is gone.

Meanwhile my daughter’s laptop has acquired a nasty virus and it looks as if she has lost all her University work. She has graduated now, so it could be worse, but she feels sad to think of not being able to read those essays again. Backup? We always mean to, but never get round to it. We are reminded of a clip from Sex and the City, which at least gives us some brief amusement.


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