Posted by: njs44 | January 13, 2010

True grit

Sometimes it is easy to write something for the blog, and sometimes I get two ideas on the same day, so I write one and save for a day when the mind goes blank. The trouble with this is that events sometimes take over and what I wrote yesterday is now out of date. Here is something I wrote earlier.

My neighbour opens the boot of his car and takes out a bag of salt he has just bought. He proceeds to sprinkle some on the road, up and down our section of the hill. That explains why our top part of the hill has begun to clear a little, even though the other streets around are still frozen with packed snow and ice.

I go and thank him for his public-spiritedness, and wonder how it would be if we had all clubbed together to buy salt and taken it in turns to grit the whole street. I think about getting together a group of concerned neighbours to be more organised next time it snows. There are a few elderly people, it is true, but enough able-bodied folk that I am sure we could have a team and get the road cleared sooner. Once you are at the top of the hill it is easier and my VW-driving neighbour from up the road would not have had to abandon her attempt to drive earlier in the week.

Now all that has changed and this morning a few cms of snow and the whole street has ground to a halt again. My husband couldn’t get the Transit van up the hill and as I watched others having difficulty as well, I decided to go on the bus. So did many others and the bus was crammed to bursting point. Those who did venture out in cars couldn’t use the back roads so the main roads became clogged up and I completed the last part of my journey to work on foot.

None of the students from the last class of the morning made it, so I have the luxury of writing my lesson notes up before lunch and now a short space to blog as well. I just hope the journey home is not too bad.


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