Posted by: njs44 | January 24, 2010


Returning to the subject of disability again,  I often think that everyone is disabled in some way. I am disabled because I cannot speak Chinese, cannot swim backstroke, cannot operate a fork-lift truck, do not have perfect pitch, am very poor at telling jokes, and so the list goes on, endlessly, since I am limited by my physical and mental constraints, as we all are. Some might argue that I could do all of these things if I set my mind to it as it’s only a matter of practice. They may be right, but there are probably other things that I cannot do that no amount of practice would change. Readers can think of their own lists.

Before we sink into a grey cloud of despair at our limitations, let me recommend an article by Michael Morpurgo, which gave me heart.

Let’s hear it for underachievement, for those who still haven’t written their greatest book, or reached the pinnacle of their achievements. Let’s hear it for those who struggle to get up in the morning, and yet still manage to get to work and do their best. Let’s hear it for those who battle against all kinds of unseen foes and just keep on going.


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