Posted by: njs44 | January 29, 2010

iThink therefore iAm?

I tried, but not very hard, to resist the lure of the iPad. I had no intention of reading any articles about it at all. I turned my mind to weightier matters, to matters of consequence, to serious affairs like the Chilcot enquiry or the GMC’s investigation of Andrew Wakefield and the MMR business. But then Stephen Fry, that master of words, lured me in with this great article, which is well worth a read.

As if that wasn’t enough, my eye then fell on another very good article on the same subject, but written from a woman’s perspective and which set me thinking about word association.

Freud thought that we could gain access to the unconscious mind by doing word association exercises. So here is my attempt to do this, starting with ‘pad’

pad, thinkpad, launchpad, rocket, stars, moon, skyline, houses, trees, distance, enchantment, l’enfant et les sortileges, who wrote that? Quick google, ah, it was Ravel, can’t stand his Bolero, far too repetitive, Torvill and Dean, great performers, wonder what happened to them? Another google, …..

You get the idea. I am not sure what Freud would make of it, but they didn’t have google in his day.


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