Posted by: njs44 | February 5, 2010

Blog stats

I am not sure why, but I always check the blog stats which WordPress provide for this blog. I can see how many people have looked at the blog each day. The numbers fluctuate for reasons I cannot fathom. Today the post which has had the most views in the past week is ‘Children in Shops’ and I am wondering if it is because I made a reference to Boots. Perhaps everyone who searches for Boots gets my blog listed in zillionth place in their search engine and then by the law of averages one or two might click on it. Or perhaps there is someone at Boots who has to check out every reference to the company in case someone is slandering them or praising them or whatever.

I would need to conduct empirical research to see if my theory is correct and mention different shops over the course of a few days to see if that increases the numbers visiting my blog. If I decide to do this readers may need to make allowances for non sequitur references to well-known High Street emporia.

I understand there are ways to encourage more people to visit the site, but some of them seem like self-promotion which I am disinclined to do. Perhaps, if you are reading this, you could just tell your friends, as my BlogFather, Stephen Wang, did a few weeks ago. In fact that day the stats shot up, so thank you Fr Stephen. By the way, his blog, which is well-worth looking at, can be found here


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