Posted by: njs44 | February 6, 2010

Toyota recall

Like many Toyota owners I have been following the story of the dodgy accelerator pedals quite closely. It appears that my Yaris (vintage 2003) is not in the recall category, but nevertheless I still feel the need to keep checking that the guidance has not changed. The Guardian reported that of 180,000 recalled vehicles there were only 20 confirmed cases of a problem. That seems to me a fairly small percentage. Surely there will always be rogue machines that don’t quite function as they should.

I seem to remember having a dodgy accelerator pedal on a previous car (not a Toyota) and I learnt not to put my foot down to the floor, and that if I did, all that was needed was to hook my foot under the pedal to release it. It was just one of those quirks of the car that I learnt to deal with. Before that I had a 2CV where the driver’s side window would suddenly fly open when I went over a bump in the road and flap until I could spare a hand to pull it shut again.

The 2CV had other problems, like no heated rear window and no radio or other form of musical entertainment. On long journeys I used to make up stories to amuse myself and on the 1-hour journey to work and back each day I could have written a novel, if I hadn’t been driving that is. Nevertheless the car had character and I am very glad to have had the experience of driving it. We called it Kermit, as it was green and it was the last car I had that got given a name. Was that because no car since has had character, or did I just grow out of giving cars names?


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