Posted by: njs44 | May 13, 2010

Musical medley

Sometimes I worry that I have a musical form of Multiple Personality Disorder. I like such varying styles of music. This is particularly true of my taste in religious or liturgical music. I am often aware that my spiritual life is greatly enhanced by music and sometimes when I have felt empty and dry it has been hearing some wonderful piece of sacred music that has brought me back to a place of safety again. But the diversity is hard to explain, except that my spiritual and musical journeys have been long and wide-ranging. Here, through the wonders of Youtube, are some of the songs that have travelled with me on that journey.

This is Arcadelt’s Ave Maria. It is a simple setting that we sing in my church choir. It always reminds me of my dear friend Peggy, who is now singing with the angels in heaven.

This is John Rutter’s setting of For the Beauty of the Earth and the images are beautiful too. This film reminds me of the first time I heard it when my elder daughter sang it at Primary School.

All to Jesus I Surrender, an old, tradition hymn, with a gentle, modern setting. This reminds me of a group of lovely students who used to sing it in the Chapel at the college where I worked.

Thomas Allen singing ‘Lord God of Abraham’ from Mendelssohn’s Elijah, the first big oratorio I sang when I joined a Choral Society as a student. Not only is Elijah one of my favourite Old Testament stories, this is a magnificent aria sung by a fabulous Bass voice.

How lovely are thy dwellings fair, from the Brahms Requiem. Speaks for itself.

John Michael Talbot’s setting of the prayer of St Teresa.

Who am I? by Casting Crowns.

Matt Redman’s Father’s Song.

I could go on, there are so many enriching and beautiful songs. They all have associations for me, places, times, people who are woven into my life. Was it St Augustine who said that to sing is to pray twice?


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