Posted by: njs44 | June 6, 2010

Book recommendations

A few years ago there was a car sticker which said something like ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher.’ I think it was supplied by the NUT, or one of the other teaching Unions, to encourage people to think more positively about their teachers. My husband claims that his mother taught him to read, before he went to school. In my elder daughter’s case I think she taught herself, having memorised the whole of Winnie-the-Pooh from having it read to her. But I am glad that somehow or other one of my infant school teachers must have taught me to read. The pleasure I get from reading a good book is like nothing else. A book can take me to another world, can help me to see inside the mind of someone else, can reassure me that other people think the same way as I do or can challenge me to think differently. I am delighted when other people recommend books to me, and Fr Stephen Wang’s recent recommendation on his blog reminded me that I have a book to recommend to him.

Sacred Hearts, by Sarah Dunant is not a highbrow book, but it does combine a certain amount of historical information with an excellent plot that kept me turning the pages feverishly to find out what happened next. It is set in a convent in Italy in 1570. Think of a female version of Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael, with the added bonus of a musical background to the storyline. Suora Zuana is the kind of character I can totally identify with, and so if you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that there will be no more Brother Cadfael books, this is the one for you.

While we’re on the subject of books, a distant relative of my husband has written a book, and although it was not written for the likes of me (I know nothing about football) it may appeal to others, so I offer it here as a suggestion.

Since good things are supposed to come in threes, my final recommendation, which I have not read yet, but comes with good reviews from my friends, is Living Love, by Jack Dominian.

Happy reading!



  1. Delighted to hear that there is a successor to Cadfael.

    The distant relation is actually my second cousin.

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