Posted by: njs44 | July 15, 2010

Not by bread alone

Imagine you cannot see and cannot hear. What would life be like? Just imagining blindness or being deaf is hard for most of us, but being both deaf and blind? Impossible! How could I survive?

On Tuesday evening I went to the theatre. The show was called Not By Bread Alone and was performed by a remarkable group of deaf-blind actors from Israel. The performance was deeply moving, a spiritual experience, which touched me, and my daughter who was with me, to the core. At the end we were speechless, which is interesting, as being unable to communicate in words is just one of the problems faced by deaf-blind actors.

There are several things that I learnt from this amazing performance. One was to appreciate how deeply felt emotions go beyond mere words or images. Unless you had been there you would not understand. How ever hard I try I can only feel what I experienced there, I cannot describe it. But the scene where one of the actors described his loneliness, as he sat in a room, unable to contact the outside world, was particularly moving because of the way he described the release from this prison, a release which started when someone touched his hand. That was all it took. Suddenly holding someone’s hand will never be the same again.

I think that good theatre affects the audience in such a way that when they leave the theatre they are not the same as when they arrived. In which case, this was very, very good theatre.

I wish I could recommend everyone to go and see this performance, but sadly the last night is tonight and then the company will return to Israel. I do hope they will come again, but if not, you can read more about the company and some of the reviews of their show in the links below.


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