Posted by: njs44 | August 29, 2010

Seasons come, seasons go

It seems very autumnal here right now. With Spring having come so late this year it seems we are being short-changed by Autumn coming early. During this Spring I took a lot of photographs in my local park, recording Spring as it unfolded and there was one particular horse-chestnut tree that I used as a kind of marker of progress.

You can see the progress of this tree in the following pictures

The first picture was taken on March 26th when there were no leaves, no buds.

By April 14th there are discernible leaves.

Now it is April 23rd and you can see many more leaves.

The tree is in full bloom by May 23rd, this picture taken from a different direction, because of the angle of the sun in the late afternoon.

This picture was taken today, August 29th. You cannot see the conkers very well, so there’s a close-up below.

I will continue to monitor this tree as it changes colour during the autumn. What a lot of changes in just five months.

And how simple it is to put pictures into WordPress blogs. I should do it more often!

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